Gabrielle Had Her Heart Stomped On Tonight & Australia Will Not Stand For It!

Dean was right!

Gabrielle Had Her Heart Stomped On Tonight & Australia Will Not Stand For It! Channel Nine

This episode of Married At First Sight was bound to be dramatic and unsurprisingly, things kicked off badly.

Nasser disappeared and hasn't gotten in contact with Gabrielle since he refused to meet her friends, making things VERY rocky between them.

Turns out, he spent the last few nights of the homestay at their apartment back in Sydney and is still expecting Gab to apologise to him for forcing him to do things.

Which is awkward because Gab wants him to apologise for not being respectful during her homestay.

They came face to face and discussed the situation and Nasser said, again, that her apartment had bad karma and that he didn't want to pretend in front of her friends.

Gab decided to let it go, however, she still felt extremely hurt.

She went on to explain to the camera that she's been single for four years, that most of her friends are all married with kids and that she just wants to find a good man.

Whilst everyone was getting ready for the dinner party, Tracey said that she wants to avoid "any drama" at the dinner party and well, she may have some unrealistic expectations about this gathering...

As soon as Gab and Nasser arrived, the other couple asked then how their homestay went and they had to explain that they did have some good times, but not everything went smoothly.

Sarah sensed the tension between Gab and Nasser as soon as she sat down at the dinner table and told her that she looked gorgeous, to lift her spirits.

Gab decided to make a toast at the dinner party and decided to address the issues between her and Nasser in front of everyone.


The experts took her toast as a "cry for help", with Gab begging Nasser to help her.

Soon, Sarah stood up to give a toast as well, saying that we had to "address the elephant in the room".

All that was, was that she and Telv had sex!


Great news, but moving on... 

Things actually turned out to be quite civil at the dinner party, but where's the drama that inevitably happens at every dinner party?!

Telv decided to ask Nasser what happened during his homestay and well, that's when s*** hit the fan.

When he explained that he thought the apartment had bad karma (again), even the experts thought he was acting irrationally.

Nasser blames the fight on Gab and told the other couples that he's "tried" to make things work with her.

Charlene overheard the conversation and she decided to add her two cents.

She took Gab aside and decided to tell her what she overheard Nasser saying, which was very interesting.

Gab said that Nasser "feels like a bit of a victim" because she stood up for herself and tends to retreat when she expresses her opinion.

She let Charlene know exactly what happened during their homestay, which then led to a confrontation at the table.

Nasser and Charlene butted heads, with the groom calling Gab's apartment a "s**thole" and saying that he wouldn't "fight for anyone", even if it was his own sister.

Australia did not like this statement.


He believes that everyone can have their opinion, but at the end of the day, it's not their business.

As Charlene says, "Nasser comes first for Nasser".

Soon, Nasser decided to address the couples with a toast saying that the week has been "crap", but he's surrounded by awesome people that he would "take a bullet" for.

Which is strange, because he just said he wouldn't fight for anyone, which really hurt Gab.


If we've learned anything about Gab this week, it's that she won't tolerate being treated like s***, so expect the upcoming commitment ceremony to be explosive because our gal, is going to put her foot down!


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