Friday Night Lights Is Being "Reimagined" As A Feature Film

Another one?!

Friday Night Lights Is Being "Reimagined" As A Feature Film NBC

If you fell in love with Dawson's Creek, The OC or Gossip Girl, there's a chance you would have also loved watching Friday Night Lights when it graced our television screens.

The series began in 2006 and followed the lives of a popular college NFL football team in the US as they hooked up with girls, broke up with girls and well, you probably know this already.

Friday Night Lights was originally a book, which was then turned into a film back in 2004, before it became a television series and now, there's apparently another Friday Night Lights movie in the works!


According to Variety, Universal Pictures is looking to bring a brand new film to the table which won't be a prequel, sequel or reboot of the series, it will instead be a "reimagining" of the story.

The film will be set in a brand new town, but will still follow the small-town football team dynamic, which starts causing havoc in the community and will have an entirely new cast.

There's no word on when this film will hit cinemas, probably because they haven't even cast the thing yet, but rest assured there will be small town drama coming our way again soon!


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