'First Dates' Just Delivered The Most Aussie Couple Ever & They're Flippin' Adorable!

You little rippas!

'First Dates' Just Delivered The Most Aussie Couple Ever & They're Flippin' Adorable! Channel Seven

TV is an interesting business and you may have noticed that countries tend to regurgitate some shows that do well overseas for their own local audiences.

The Bachelor was originally an American show and now, every year we watch one sweet Aussie bloke find love...

First Dates is a MASSIVE reality show in the UK and the TV big wigs decided to bring it over to Australian shores which was probably the best decision ever made...

Last night was the season premiere of First Dates Australia and boy, did we see some interesting couples!

Each pair arrived at their date, shared a few words and had a giggle but NOTHING and we mean NOTHING was more perfect than Jake and Rebecca's date because they were just too amazing!

When they brought First Dates over to Australia, surely they planned on having a truly Aussie couple appear at some point and ladies and gentleman, last night it finally happened.

Jake, a truck driver from Victoria, still sports the classic mullet and just wants a good sheila.

Rebecca, also from Victoria, who just wanted a decent bloke to go four-wheel driving with.

Their date went just swimmingly and we don't think we've ever heard this much Aussie slang used in one conversation!

For example, when Rebecca is telling Jake about what she likes to do, he replies by saying, “Yeah righto, no way."

This goes on throughout the entire dinner and when asked if the date went well, Jake said, "It was a s*** hot date, nah, it was great."

Unfortunately, this pair didn't work out, which is a massive pity because they look like they would have had a great time together.

But we will always remember this epic date as one of the best moments in First Dates Australia history.