Fans Think The Bachelor's 'Elora & Simone' Are The Next 'Tiffany & Megan'

Can't friends look 'cozy' too?

Fans Think The Bachelor's 'Elora & Simone' Are The Next 'Tiffany & Megan' Channel Ten / Instagram @ Tiffany Scalon / Megan Marx

The Bachelor sure is heating up this year and we’re all speculating about just who could win!

But sadly, we’re still not guessing correctly. 

While The Bachelor is all DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA on scree, the chaos has now travelled off screen, with fans of the show now throwing around wild accusations that Simone and Elora are the new ‘Tiffany and Megan’ of the show. 

Not that that would be a bad thing, at all - love is love - but fans have started to take things a little too far with their comments. 


The fan snickering comes after Simone and Elora both attended Maxim magazine’s 6th birthday bash in Sydney this Friday, where fans said they were seen getting very close and cozy. 

Some also said they were flirting throughout the night. 

Now if smiling at each other and siting close together at an event is enough cause to label them as a possible ‘item’, we might as well label nearly everyone at an event as an ‘item’. 

Plus, these ladies are already self-professed besties. 

Can’t BFFs be seen having a great time laughing together and posing for pics?


If Simone and Elora have found love together, then good on them. 

If not, then that’s fine, too. 

Love comes when we are ready.