Fans May Have Figured Out How To Kill The Night King On 'GOT' & It's Not What We Expected

Say it ain't so!

Fans May Have Figured Out How To Kill The Night King On 'GOT' & It's Not What We Expected Image: HBO

WARNING! This post may contain spoilers from season six and seven of Game Of Thrones so if you haven't seen either of these yet, do yourself a favour and watch them before coming back here.

As we saw on Monday's episode of Game Of Thrones, the Night King has just added an ice dragon to his ever expanding Army of the Dead.


When we saw this happen, we instantly thought that our friends in Westeros were done for... but then we started thinking.

Earlier in the episode, Beric Dondarrion, the man who has died six times, said that the best way to defeat the wights was to kill the Night King because "he turned them all".

This is a fair call, considering when you kill a White Walker, all of his zombie minions die with him.

But how does one kill the Night King?

There have been some theories circulating the internet about how Jon Snow and his team of misfits could possibly kill the icy villain, but one theory has stood out to us for two main reasons.


First, it's completely plausible, but, it's also extremely emotional.

You may have heard that some fans out there think that Bran Stark is actually the Night King.

The theory says that the youngest living Stark decided it would be a good idea to warg into the man who was originally turned into the Night King and try to avoid the transformation from happening...  


It then goes on to say that poor Bran failed his mission, stayed in the past for too long and eventually became the Night King.

So how does everyone think Jon will be able to kill the master White Walker?

Kill his half brother (who is really his cousin), Bran.


We really hope this theory isn't true because we'd honestly love to see all of the Stark children outlive this terrible war but this IS game Of Thrones and we've been hurt before...

What do you think of this theory?

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