Fans Are Roasting The New 'My Kitchen Rules' Promo

They just got burned!

Fans Are Roasting The New 'My Kitchen Rules' Promo Channel Seven

This morning, Channel Seven has released it's first promo for My Kitchen Rules' 2018 season.

The video is perfectly picturesque with judges Manu Feildel and Pete Evans walking through the shallow ocean to a table set and ready for some wonderful cuisine.

It's simple, it's pretty, it's good.

But many MKR fans are slamming the show online now, telling Channel Seven that they're expecting big things after this year's "disgusting" season.

Viewers have jumped straight into the comments section of the MKR Facebook page, slamming this year's contestants and telling producers that this show better be an "improvement".

A lot of fans also said that it was "too early" for Channel 7 to be teasing the new season and leaving them hanging for so long.

Many fans said that the main reason why they wanted to see a change in the show is because of the drama that this year's season highlighted.

People said the show was more about the fighting than the cooking and that the show had lost it's heart.

Do you think MKR has gotten too dramatic?

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