Everything You Need To Know About Australian Survivor Before Sunday!

Come on in, guys! 

Everything You Need To Know About Australian Survivor Before Sunday!

Image: Network Ten

The premiere of Australian Survivor’s second season is fast approaching. So, here’s a fool-proof guide to everything you could possibly want to know heading into the series to avoid feeling #bamboozeled. 

When Does It Air?

Aus Survivor is set to air every Sunday and Monday, with an extra episode on Wednesday for at least the first week - 7:30-9pm, Network 10.

Where Are They?

Like last season, the castaways will be marooned in Upolu, Samoa. 

What’s Going On? 

Based on the hit US series which has been running for the past 17 years, Australian Survivor sees Australians from all walks of life forced to live on an island together (first separated into tribes and later as one group). Each episode they must vote one of their own off the island until only two (maybe three) are left. After the tribes have merged, all ‘castaways’ voted off become a jury who eventually vote for the winner. 

Every episode, the castaways battle not only the physical elements of their harsh environment and gruelling challenges, but they must outwit their competition in strategy and social game, making the psychological obstacle arguably the biggest challenge. 

Winning challenges allow castaways to be immune from getting voted off at Tribal Council, as well as hidden Immunity Idols. 

Who Are They? 

Network Ten has revealed the identities of the 24 castaways, including a lengthy bio and video of their intended strategy. 

To avoid any spoilers, we'll let you choose to read all about them here!

Can I Tweet While I Watch? 


Use the hashtag #SurvivorAU to tweet along with the rest of Australia. You can also follow Australian Survivor on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Anything Else?  

It’s important to note that while Australian Survivor is based on the US series, there are some important differences. 

- The game goes for 55 days, instead of the fixed 39. 

- There are 24 castaways, instead of the usual 16-20. 

- The show is hosted by actor Jonathan LaPaglia

- This season will introduce a ‘Super Idol’, however, its powers are yet to be revealed. Our guess is it will most likely have the same power as the US series’ Super Idol, which allows castaways to play the idol AFTER the votes are read. 


We take Survivor very seriously here at Scoopla, as you can probably tell. 

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