Every Relationship On MAFS Is In Trouble... Except One

Who can hold out?

Every Relationship On MAFS Is In Trouble... Except One

From the very beginning of Married At First Sight tonight, things didn't seem to be going well for anyone.

After making their final decisions at the altar last week, everyone headed back to their old lives outside the experiment.

There was a lot of Skyping going on here, because as you may have known, basically no one lived in the same state.


Anthony and Nadia were the first to see each other on their computer screens and remember when she had that nightmare?

Well, it may be coming true because Anthony is having second thoughts.

Nadia told him her lease was ending and she was thinking of moving closer to him.

But now, he thinks it's too soon.


Then we caught up with Nick and got some devastating news.

The carpenter was planning on moving to Perth to be with Sharon, but his move was postponed when he found out his father had been diagnosed with Motor Neuron disease.

"There's no cure for it.

"I worry about my Dad and I hope he's alright.

"My Dad is like my best mate.

"We love each other and we look after each other.

"I don't want to think of the fact that I might be losing my father."


Vanessa was asking her husband some pretty intense questions tonight, but he had a bombshell in store for her.

Andy is going on a trip to Mount Everest and will be gone for four months. 

This news really shook Vanessa and now she's very unsure about the future of her marriage.


And as for Sean and Susan, things may not be over yet.

Although the couple went their separate ways on Sunday, it turns out they still chat.

Susan is even starting to think she made the wrong choice by leaving her beloved farmer.


Sounds pretty messy right?

But don't worry guys. 

We'll always have Simon and Alene!


Image: Channel Nine