Eric Bana’s NEW True Crime Series Will Creep You Out

It will give you chills...

Eric Bana’s NEW True Crime Series Will Creep You Out Bravo

In need of a really creepy new true crime-based show to watch?

Well, you’re in luck, because Eric Bana’s new show is next level creepy and we need to watch it. 

Eric stars as John Meehan in Dirty John, the Bravo TV adaptation of the popular podcast Dear John

Bravo has just dropped the first look at the series, showing Eric talking to camera in a very creepy, very possessive monologue that gets your skin crawling… 

“I have to tell you something. For a long time I tried to lie to myself about how lonely I really was. I think most people are: they just try to hide it like I did. When you fall in love you realise how lonely you’ve really been. I felt like I was blind before I saw you, like I’d never loved anyone before i knew you. 


 “And every time we’re together, every time I touch – no, every time I touch, no, every time we touch, every time I…, every time we touch, every time my arms… – every time I put my arms around you I feel like I’m finally home. I just wanna be wherever you are. Honestly, it scares me a little. Does it scare you?”

Dirty John tells the true story of how Debra Newell's romance with the intriguing and seductive John Meehan turned into a tale of deceit, manipulation, and the survival for her whole family.

Dirty John is set to premiere on Bravo later this year.


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