'End Of The F**king World' Renewed For Another Season

"We will be f**king back"

'End Of The F**king World' Renewed For Another Season Clerkenwell Films - End of the F**king World

One of the biggest shows on Netflix of late has been End of the F**king World, and it's just been announced that the series will be back for a second season!

Netflix and Channel 4 have retained creator Charlie Covell to write season two, which will continue to be adapted from Charles Foreman's comic book of the same title.

Season one of the dark comedy followed two 17-year-old outsiders, one of whom is convinced that he is a psychopath.

There was a lot of conjecture about whether the series warranted another installment, with some critics saying that it finished definitively enough that it wouldn't be necessary (we won't go into any more detail about the ending because ~spoilers~).