Elora Reveals The Ex Bachelor Who Slept With Simone While Staying On Her Couch

It all came out.

Elora Reveals The Ex Bachelor Who Slept With Simone While Staying On Her Couch Network Ten

Last night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise saw friends Elora and Simone competing for newcomer Apollo’s affections, as tension regarding a former love triangle between the two boiled to the surface. 

It’s one of the most bizarre, cringeworthy and mysterious dramas we’ve seen on this season so far.

Elora and Simone became good friends whilst filming Matty J’s season of The Bachelor, and from what we’ve heard on the show, the two were close enough that Simone even crashed at Elora’s house for a period of time while visiting her in Sydney.

Then, something happened, and the two went their separate ways.

Last night, however, as the two both found themselves keen on Apollo, a lot more information arose.


Simone let it slip to Apollo on their date that she and Elora had a bit of history with fighting over a guy, even though Elora very dramatically pulled her aside earlier and asked her not to do just that.

Sooooo, when rumours started circulating around the island, Elora snapped and let even more details slip!

“Had I had a problem with you f***ing Courtney on my couch, I would have stopped it right away!” Elora shouted at Simone. 


This Courtney: 


Turns out Simone actually hooked up with Courtney Dober from Georgia Love’s season of The Bachelorette while staying at Elora’s house… but Elora had a crush on him.

Simone stormed off.


“I'm still p*ssed off about it. This guy that we [both] previously liked didn't like her," Simone told cameras. "He liked me and she didn't like that. I feel like it's a repeat all over again with Apollo. I haven't done anything wrong here.

“'I haven't caused anything. Now she's bringing up who I've been with in the past on Television. That's really bad.”

And for what it's worth, last year, Courtney went on The Bachelor Winter Games in the US where he met New Zealander Lily McManus, and now they are together! 


Blah blah blah cool, can we just cut back to this now:


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