Elora Allegedly Burnt The Gifts Matty Gave Her After Leaving 'The Bachelor'

Oh dear...

Elora Allegedly Burnt The Gifts Matty Gave Her After Leaving 'The Bachelor' Image: Channel Ten

Another Bachelor rumour has reared its head this morning and it could be a potential spoiler for the show, but how can we resist?!

The Bachelor seems to be all about drama this season with Jen, Leah and Sian all stirring the pot before being asked to leave the mansion.

Now that the three "villains" have left the show, things have been a bit... tame.

Nothing very controversial seemed to happen in the house until Elora, the independent woman that she is, tried to kiss Matty during a cocktail party whilst the other girls were watching.


This turned a few of the girls against her.

Elyse said that she was quite offended during a piece to camera later that evening, but it looks like Elora didn't get much time to redeem herself after that moment...

If this Channel Ten "insider" is to be believed.


Whilst speaking to The Daily Mail, the insider said that after being eliminated from The Bachelor, Elora decided to burn all of the gifts and memorabilia she received from Matty whilst in the mansion!

"She got the boot had a full meltdown.

"She even demanded Simone (Ormesher) fly up and keep her company for four days.

"Cobie had also just been booted during a single date but Elora made it all about her."

The "insider" also said that Elora posted a video of herself burning the gifts on Snapchat, for all of her followers to see.

"Then she put all the roses she dried out, her date cards she saved and the selfies from their first date in a bin and set it on fire.

"She sent the video with the caption: 'F**k you Matty J.'"


The Snapchat video seems to have now been deleted but it sounds like it was pretty intense.

Now, this IS just a rumour, but we can't help but think that there may be a ring of truth to it... although it's a very small ring.

It'll be interesting to see how the next few episodes play out!