Eden Says Nina Made Him Feel "Small" In A Lengthy Message To Fans

"I'm not a selfish man..."

Eden Says Nina Made Him Feel "Small" In A Lengthy Message To Fans Network Ten

Last night's rose ceremony was just a mess of tears and betrayals... well, maybe not betrayals, but some very strong relationships broke down and it was brutal.

Before the rose ceremony even took place, Eden was torn about whether he should save Nina and explore their relationship further, or get to know Elora, the new addition that he was very attracted to.

The other guys tried to help him out but the only thing that could help him make the decision was a blunt chat with Nina.


So he took her away from the group to discuss their relationship and as he opened up to her and asked if there would ever be a physical side to their attraction (Nina said she wasn't going to kiss anyone until the very end of the show), but Nina stood her ground and told Eden that he just needed to accept her wishes.

Well, Eden thought about what happened and eventually, he decided to pick Elora instead of Nina and his original flame was sent home.

This morning, Eden took to Instagram to reflect on the emotional ceremony (as all Bachelor In Paradise contestants must when they're the centre of all the drama) and said that Nina not meeting him halfway made him feel "unwanted" and "small".


"I came to Paradise open to the possibility of finding that special somebody. A person who could be my equal, who would challenge, refine and inspire me to be better.

"A person I could share my triumphs with as well as my failures. So when the smallest things shake what I think is strong foundation, it makes me reflect on the fact that perhaps We’re not meant to be. I’m an affectionate person so when I feel it’s reciprocated, if the person isn’t willing to make an effort to meet me half way that’s a deal breaker for me.

"To me A relationship is a partnership, a team, having differences but learning to be interdependent and finding compromise. I Respected boundaries and wishes not to kiss but neglected my own needs. In this environment you learn and grow to understand that strangers may hold power over you and when they use that power to attempt to make you feel unwanted or small, I just think that's in bad taste. 

"I’m not a selfish man and I want what's best for everyone even if it’s not me. Tonight I had to make the hardest decision of my time here in paradise, but The decision I made was a choice I made for me. 

"I'm grateful for the time I've spent and don't regret that because it's shaped me to be better. I don’t know where this new path will lead but I’m ready to continue forward on my journey. I'll continue my search for that special someone because I know what I have to offer , and I wish everyone the same. No expectations, Just an open heart."

So it looks like Eden is going to try and explore something with Elora now that Nina's gone home, it'll be interesting to see how that goes...

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