Did Laurina Just Savage Jarrod For Talking To Ex Sophie?

Sensing some jealousy...?

Did Laurina Just Savage Jarrod For Talking To Ex Sophie?

Well the mourning period for MAFS is officially over as the Bachelor in Paradise drama starts to roll on in!

On the Hit Network this morning, there was a bit of awkward tension between guests Jarrod and Laurina, who are both contestants on Bachie In Paradise Australia kicking off this Sunday. 

When asked whether or not Jarrod still spoke to Sophie, he was very quick to deny it to Hit105's Stav, Abby & Matt saying both of them had moved on to do different things on new TV Networks. 

"Yeah but if we bump into each other, we'll still pick up where we were..as friends!" he said, while touching Laurina sitting next to her. 

"It sounds like you've found love, and you don't want to look disrespectful to the new girl!" Abby said.

Looking noticeably red, the guys' quizzed the couple on the status of their relationship after Laurina shot Jarrod a look. 

"And the new girl's sitting right beside you?" Stav added

Things got pretty awkward from there after Laurina told him he shouldn't be talking about his ex! Listen to the full interview... 

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