Delta Goodrem Has Something To Say About Her Chair Spinning On 'The Voice'

She ain't here for the haters...

Delta Goodrem Has Something To Say About Her Chair Spinning On 'The Voice'

Image: Channel Nine via @deltagoodrem Instagram

The internet can be a dangerous place if you're well-known and are a host on a reality TV show.

Most TV judges tend to get backlash of some sort and recently, beloved actress and singer Delta Goodrem has received a bit of hate for her actions on The Voice.

Delta is an extremely popular judge and if you watch the show, you would know that before she turns her chair, she sometimes gets her groove on.


She also tends to get a bit creative when spinning her chair around which, unfortunately, some viewers find annoying. 

Twitter recently went into meltdown after fans of the show criticised Delta for taking too long to turn and for dancing to the song being performed without turning afterwards.

The judge decided to stay mum on the matter because really, she's one of the biggest celebrities in Australia, she has made a very nice living by doing what she does best.

Why should this be treated differently?


Whilst being interviewed by The Daily Telegraph, Delta was asked about the backlash and decided to finally put the matter to rest.

"[That criticism] is all just water of a duck's back, because the reality of what I get to live with is very different.

"I have only the intention of making people's day better and if someone has an intention that's the opposite of that, then that's their problem."

Basically, she is not concerned whether you like her or not.

She'll keep dancing all she wants.


You go, girl!