Dean Slammed Nasser On Live TV Saying That He Treats His Wife Terribly

The pot is stirred...

Dean Slammed Nasser On Live TV Saying That He Treats His Wife Terribly Channel Nine

After Karl Stefanovic put out the call to Dean, telling him he should come on The Today Show and "explain yourself", the Married At First Sight villain finally obliged and appeared on Today Extra with Tracey and of course, he caused a bit of trouble.

After explaining to Ben Fordham and Sonia Kruger that he "regrets" flirting with Davina, Dean was shown a clip from the commitment ceremony where he told Tracey what had gone on.

You would all probably remember when Nasser stepped in to tell Dean what a horrible thing he had done and after the clip ended, Ben said that "Nasser clearly wasn't happy".


Dean then decided to slam Nasser, saying that he doesn't care what he thinks because he doesn't treat his own wife well.

"Nasser's got no leg to stand on.

"The way he treats Gab is terrible, sorry.

"He's not really a good guy when it comes to the way he treats Gab.

"He kind of plays it up and everyone sees that, but I don't really have any respect for Nasser's opinion, to be honest."


Afterwards, Dean did admit that Nasser had a point about everything that he had done to Tracey, but his opinion still doesn't concern him.

"But look, he has a point I did do a terrible thing and I'm not proud of that.

"As far as what Nasser says, it doesn't really affect me, I don't really care."

The drama just doesn't stop, does it?


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