Dean Has Finally Discussed His Relationship With Davina On 'MAFS'

He's told his side of the story!

Dean Has Finally Discussed His Relationship With Davina On 'MAFS' Channel Nine

For weeks now, Australia has been confused by Dean and Davina's behaviour on Married At First Sight and wondered why the TV groom hadn't done any interviews.

Davina allegedly went into hiding because of the severe backlash she received, before doing many radio interviews where she told her side of the complicated story.

Unfortunately, Dean hadn't spoken out about the cheating scandal and had kept quiet about the whole thing.


However, something seems to have changed because he has now had a very brief interview with TV Week telling them that he actually didn't cheat on his wife Tracey at all!

"In my mind, I didn't cheat.

"I only met with Davina to discuss how we weren't happy with our partners.

"It did get a little bit romantic, and I did have thoughts of leaving Tracey.

"But we never kissed on the lips or were intimate in anyway.

"I wasn't completely honest with Tracey, but I didn't cheat on her."

He went on to explain why he decided to sleep with Tracey after sneaking off with Davina at the dinner party.

"The discussion I had with Davina at the second dinner party scared me away from her a little bit.

"She came on a bit too strong.

"After that, I started to think I was making a terrible mistake and that Tracey was, in fact, a great match for me.

"Tracey and I had an amazing conversation that night.

"As always, there was a strong connection between us, so we had sex."


Finally, he was asked why he decided to tell Tracey about Davina in front of the other couples, instead of talking to her privately.

"That time was very confusing for me.

"But I felt like Tracey needed to be told about my discussions with Davina before she made another commitment to me. 

"Although it was a dramatic way to do it, my conscience was telling me it was the right thing to do."


Let's see how everything unfolds from here, shall we?


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