Davina Says She's Not Concerned About What Australia Thinks Of Her

She's happy with her choices.

Davina Says She's Not Concerned About What Australia Thinks Of Her Channel Nine

Davina is, unfortunately, not one of the most well-liked women in Australia right now because of her actions on Married At First Sight.

As soon as she met Ryan, her TV husband, she was disappointed because he talked too much and was a bit too goofy.

Ryan had said that he talks a lot when he's nervous, but that didn't seem to register with Davina, who continued to tell the camera that she was "pissed off" with him.

Their relationship didn't seem to improve on their honeymoon and before the first dinner party, they had an explosive fight.

Since then, she's started an affair with Dean on the show and when she appeared on A Current Affair, she said that she had nothing to apologise for.

"I have put myself out there for the whole... of Australia to judge me."

She addressed the criticism that she's received online and said that although it's scary, she can handle it.

"It is actually quite scary.

"I'm not a stranger to dating, don't get me wrong I date, but I know what I want in a man."

"If anyone can deal with it, it's going to be me."

Clearly, she's not concerned about what Australia is saying about her which is either a good thing or a bad thing... we're not quite sure which.


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