Davina May Be Getting Her Own TV Show If This New Rumour Is Correct

Things are happening, maybe...

Davina May Be Getting Her Own TV Show If This New Rumour Is Correct Channel Nine

Ah rumours, without them life would be some boring... 

A rumour has started circulating on the internet that Married At First Sight's most controversial bride of 2018, Davina Rankin, may just be getting her own TV show.


According to a source who spoke to The Daily Mail, Channel Nine has been calling a few MAFS fans about who they enjoy watching on the show.

"The person asked me what I thought about Married At First Sight and who I liked or disliked the most from the current season.

"Then they asked which contestants or couples should have their own television show.”

The source personally liked Sarah Roza...

"I really like Sarah (Roza). I think she’s real and came on the show for all the right reasons. I don’t think she’s fame-hungry. She really wanted the experiment to work."


But when they didn't mention Davina, the representative allegedly asked, "Well, what do you think of Davina?”

What would Davina's TV show even be about?

Would it be a reality show?

Would she be Australia's answer to Kim Kardashian?

All of this information doesn't mean that a show is going ahead, but if there was one MAFS couple that should definitely have their own show, who would you pick?


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