Daenerys Is Noticeably Absent From The 'GOT' Finale Images & We're Excited!

We should explain...

Daenerys Is Noticeably Absent From The 'GOT' Finale Images & We're Excited! Image: HBO

WARNING! This post may contain spoilers to the seventh season of Game Of Thrones so if you're not up to date, look away now!

HBO has released a series of images from Monday night's finale and whilst we're pleased to see them, we did notice there was something a bit odd.

Daenerys Targaryen is not in any of the photos.

Not one!


The finale episode is called 'The Dragon and the Wolf', so you'd think that the Targaryen queen SHOULD be in at least one of these photos... but we were wrong.

We see Cersei Lannister holding her most likely empty womb...

Jamie Lannister looking at his big sister and thinking, "what the hell are you doing you crazy woman?!"

Jon Snow looking like he's never made a speech before and is freaking out a tad...

And Tyrion Lannister telling him to calm the f%$# down...

Even Theon Greyjoy makes an appearance!

So where the hell is Dany?!

Well, she could be preparing to ride Drogon into King's Landing and make a grand entrance before Cersei.


Or, she could be back at Dragonstone, staying away from the current queen because she knows she'll be plotting against her and would probably try to kill her straight away.

She could even pull a Euron Greyjoy and be destroying Cersei's new fleet of ships whilst the meeting is taking place... at least then we'd know what happening to Yara...


Where do you think Dany is?!

Let us know in the comments!