Could This Couple Be The First Ever To Be Kicked Off 'The Block'?

They've explained what was going on...

Could This Couple Be The First Ever To Be Kicked Off 'The Block'? Channel Nine

Tonight on The Block, the unthinkable happened... one team DIDN'T finish their room!

Jason and Sarah let time slip away from them as they planned the renovation of the master bedroom and eventually, they ran out of time.

The couple had been struggling with their budget since the get-go, but they've revealed that money wasn't the only thing on their minds when they were renovating.



During an interview with The Herald Sun, the couple said that whilst building their master bedroom, their three children were travelling overseas to the location of recent terror attacks.

Sarah explained that Henry, Oscar and Greta were about to head to London with her sister-in-law only days after the Manchester terror attacks.

"It was just when that awful London Bridge and Ariana Grande concert [terrorist attacks] were happening.

"They had never been overseas.

"They had never been away from us.

 "We were in an absolute panic."

With their thoughts focused on their children, the couples master bedroom, walk-in wardrobe and en-suite were left unfinished, which caused host Scotty Cam to send them home.



Sarah told OK! Magazine that she had never seen the host so angry.

"Scotty was fuming, he was pretty upset.

"We were pretty stressed out that week and we weren't thinking about the consequences."

Now we know, if there's one thing you should ALWAYS do whilst on The Block, it's finish your room!

Jason and Sarah have now been given until Sunday to complete next round's rooms AND the master bedroom they barely started... otherwise, they are out!