Cheryl Maitland Is Now Hosting A 'MAFS' Spin Off Show!

MAFS 4eva

Cheryl Maitland Is Now Hosting A 'MAFS' Spin Off Show! @hotlikeasunrise Instagram

We all remember how dramatic the last season of Married At First Sight was, don't we? 

Well, not only is John Robinson, the man who married ex-model and Polynesian enthusiast Debbie, back for a second crack at finding love, but one of the most controversial brides is coming back too!

Well, kind of.

Cheryl Maitland, who married entrepreneur Jono and later Andrew Jones on the last series, is back hosting a new MAFS spin-off show called Talking Married!

The reality star made the announcement on Instagram today with a photo of herself being flanked by her new co-hosts Jayne Azzopardi and Shelley Horton.


According to 9Honey, the new show will air on 9Life and be like a 30 minute "WhatsApp chat, where you debrief, gossip, and trade MAFS favourites (and, er, not-favourites)... with the whole country."

The show will have exclusive cast interviews, panel discussions about what's happening on MAFS, fan theories and exclusive clips from the show that you won't see anywhere else.

The show will start at 9pm on February 1 and guys, this is going to be VERY interesting to see...