Cher Could Be Making A Cameo In 'American Horror Story: Cult' & We're Freaking Out!


Cher Could Be Making A Cameo In 'American Horror Story: Cult' & We're Freaking Out! Image: Orion Pictures

We're patiently waiting for the premiere of American Horror Story: Cult and have been catching up on the show's previous seasons to prepare us for what's to come.

There's a reoccurring theme in American Horror Story that we've picked up on and no... it's not the fact that everything is horror based!

We've noticed that every season of the show seems to feature a very prominent celebrity cameo.

We had Maroon 5's Adam Levine pop up at the beginning of Asylum... 


Fleetwood Mac singer and rock icon Stevie Nicks appeared in Coven...


And we can't forget Lady Gaga's amazing role in Hotel now can we?!


We didn't have a huge celebrity cameo in the last season of the show, but if the rumours are true, we could be seeing a musical icon stepping onto set...

We all know Cher is an amazing singer, but we also need to remember that she's also a great actress and word on the street is that she's going to appear in Cult!


Her son Chaz Bono is already cast in the new series after blowing us away as Lot Polk in Roanoke and now his mother could be joining the party!

Cher tweeted out this cryptic message to her fans earlier this year which got us wondering what he latest project could be...


The premiere date of Cult is September 5, which is... interesting.

Then, the entire American Horror Story cast went and saw one of Cher's most recent live shows...


A coincidence?!?

We think not!

Or, you know, it could be...

The cast may have just happened to pop into her show because Chaz has got the hookup but we're seriously hoping that when we watch the first episode of Cult on Septemeber 5 we see her beautiful face.

Please, oh please let our Cher dreams come true!