Cassidy Reveals The Wild Scenes We Don't See On Love Island

Goodbye Cass!

Cassidy Reveals The Wild Scenes We Don't See On Love Island

If you are one of the dedicated Aussies addicted to Love Island, you will know that last night's episode saw the controversial Cassidy dumped from the island. 

And now Cassidy has opened up about just how awkward that first night was after Tayla stole Grant from her in a recoupling ceremony. 

If you're not a Love Island fan, all you need to know is that everyone sleeps in the same bedroom, and they aren't shy about what happens at night.

Cassidy told 9Honey, "Yeah, so, that was the worst experience for me because when Tayla and I spoke right before the recoupling, I put my pride aside and asked for her to give me one day to get over it before they crack on. Unfortunately, they did crack on that night in the bedroom. I don’t think they had sex, but they definitely did move their relationship forward in front of me. This was where their immaturity really showed through, because they weren’t quiet. They were very loud under the sheets. Giggling, laughing, and very active. I felt like they were kind of sticking it to me, but I couldn’t understand why."

And while Cassidy tried not to get upset about it, the other villa residents didn't hold back.

"Yeah, everyone was a bit angry," she said. "Erin was furious. I took it on the chin, I handled it like a champ, I didn’t mouth off, I took it as it was and said, ‘You know what? I’ve dodged a bullet.’ His loyalty faltered so quickly, and I don’t want a man like that. And that’s why in the second re-coupling, when I chose Grant, Tayla’s actions and how she behaved were a reflection on her. And people will be able to see how I handled the first week, and how she handled the fourth week."

Despite being responsibly for approximately 95% of the drama so far in this series, Australia chose to keep Mac over Cassidy in a public vote. No matter your thoughts on Cassidy, you can't deny that she knew how to keep things interesting. 

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