Cass Was Reading A BLANK Diary Page On The Bachelor Last Night

Stage five clinger?

Cass Was Reading A BLANK Diary Page On The Bachelor Last Night Network Ten

The third episode of The Bachelor blessed our lives last night and everyone can’t stop calling Cass the ‘stage five clinger’ of the season. 

 Basically, she’s the next Jared Woodgate, taking things to a whole new level by reading her dream journal to Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins.

But there’s one thing about the moment we all saw her read her journal that has everyone baffled… it turns out that one of the pages she was ‘reading from’ was actually blank…

While we watched Nick cringe over her confessions, the camera looked over Cass’ shoulder to catch not only his every reaction, but also the fact Cass was reading from a blank page. 

Does Cass write in invisible ink and have the super-ability to read it?

Was Cass reciting the next journal page she is yet to write?

Or is Cass yanking all our chains, playing this ‘I loved Nick before the show’ up to the max?

Only time will tell, so let’s all tune into The Bachelor tonight to see if Cass makes the cut!

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