Cass From The Bachelor Is Pi**ed About Her ‘Stalker’ Portrayal

It's "nasty and untrue."

Cass From The Bachelor Is Pi**ed About Her ‘Stalker’ Portrayal Network Ten

Cass Wood is copping a pretty hard portrayal on The Bachelor this year, supposedly being edited to look like a ‘stage-five clinger’. 


Fans snickered when Jarrod Woodgate was classed as one when he was on The Bachelorette with Sophie Monk, and now the label has followed Cass due to the fact she knew and had feelings for Nick before the show. 

In reality, we’re all feeling super sorry for what Cass is having to go through. 


Cass has now opened up to News Corp about how the producers are making her look on the show.

“I didn’t know I would be featured this much.

"The first episode was pretty hard to watch because they only show certain things …

"It is not a true portrayal of me and what people are saying that I am a stage-five clinger and a stalker.

"It is nasty and untrue.”


Cass is still vying for Nick’s heart and if Nick truly doesn’t feel the same way, we hope she stops being lead on. 

It’s just cruel. 

Anyone who writes about a guy in her journal and has that kind of purity doesn’t deserve that. 


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