Carrie Bickmore Has Now Spent Over 10 Years Behind The News Desk

Remember when we first met?

Carrie Bickmore Has Now Spent Over 10 Years Behind The News Desk

Images: Channel Ten

Every weeknight, viewers tune into The Project to catch up on the latest hard-hitting news stories and current affairs.

Carrie Bickmore has become a national icon for her ability to present the news in such an honest and emotional manner, but of course, she's a veteran newsreader now.


2017 actually marks her 11th year behind the news desk!

We've been watching her deliver the news for over a decade now and we are so happy about that!


Carrie first started reading the news on Rove Live, a late-night comedy show that unfortunately ended in 2009.

She had her own segment on the show called Carrie At The News Desk and even though she's famous for reporting on big news stories now, back then, she was having a bit of a giggle at some of the sillier stories.


She first appeared on the show when she was only 25 years old, and we mustn't forget this, she also formed a decade long friendship with Peter Helliar.


Yep, these guys have been kicking it for ages!



Carrie is now one of Australia's most popular newsreaders but we mustn't forget where it all started!

Here's to Carrie and another 10 years of her brilliant news reading!