Cameron Cranley & His Brother Might Star In A Special ‘Double Bachelor’ Season!

Would. Watch.

Cameron Cranley & His Brother Might Star In A Special ‘Double Bachelor’ Season! Network Ten

New reports are claiming that former Bachelorette favourite, Cameron Cranley, has been offered the role of the next Bachelor. 

According to New Idea, the firefighter who won over Australia in Georgie Love’s season will apparently be bringing his brother, Kyle Cranley, along with him! 


“The two brothers are practically inseparable anyway,”
an ~insider~ told the publication.

“They have a great friendship, are always socialising together, making fun of each other and it will work well on television.” 

The fact that Cam isn’t included in the upcoming Bachelor in Paradise series is also apparently a major indication that he will be the next Bachelor. 


“That kind of confirmed he was in the running. Cam is so popular and still single so it would be an obvious choice to have him on Paradise.” 

So, how would this work? Would the brothers meet two different groups of bachelorettes or will they be wooing over the same ladies?? 

Well, according to Kyle's Instagram, it seems he has a girlfriend, or at least he did back in October when he posted a photo of the two of them. 

So MAYBE, Kyle isn't on the show to find love, but has another role? Will he be helping Osher with his hosting duties? Or someone Cam discusses his dates with? 

At the moment these ‘talks’ and ‘claims’ are just rumours, so we will have to keep our eyes peeled for any hints!

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