Blake Reveals He Didn’t Leave His House For Two Months After The Bachelorette

"I thought my life was over"

Blake Reveals He Didn’t Leave His House For Two Months After The Bachelorette

He may now be known as the guy who called out the wrong name at a Bachelor in Paradise rose ceremony, but before Blake Coleman said ‘Lenora’, he was known as a villain on last year’s season of The Bachelorette with Sophie Monk.

Portrayed as rude and arrogant, Blake is now speaking out about his struggles with mental illness and finding happiness, before and after his time on reality TV.

Both hit92.9’s Heidi Anderson and Blake are ambassadors for Happiness Co, a company which aims to help those struggling with mental illness.  

Sitting down with together, Blake opened up about how his portrayal on the show affected his life. 

“I went into Sophie’s season not knowing anything about the show. When Ryan was one there, he was the villain. Then he leaves and they had to fill that spot.

“That’s when they really started editing me and Jarrod having a fight together, mouthing off at each other.

“Me walking away from Sophie when I was swearing, that didn’t even happen. I was interviewing about something else, a different topic, swearing at something, and then they put that over.”

Once he left the show, he didn’t leave his house for two months as he tried to work out what actually made him happy in life.

“After Sophie’s season, I sat down, I didn’t leave the house for two months basically because I thought everyone hated me. I thought my life was over, thinking how the hell could I ever get ahead again or do anything?" 

Watch the full interview below:


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