Bernard Has Explained Why He Really Left The Jungle & It's Not About Tennis

People are being BRUTAL!

Bernard Has Explained Why He Really Left The Jungle & It's Not About Tennis Channel Ten

Bernard Tomic made history tonight by becoming the first celebrity in four seasons to walk out on I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! after a pretty intense first few days.

Not only was the tennis star dangled above a valley, he was also bitten a number of times by a snake and said that the whole experience wasn't what he expected.


So, after only three days in the jungle, and after telling Real Housewife Jackie Gillies, that he was feeling quite depressed, Bernard decided to leave the show, telling the fellow capers that he needs to play more tennis.

"I'm so happy I came here to meet you bunch of people.

"Obviously, I did this for an experience to change my life, I've never done the things I've done here in this camp and meeting you people was something that's going to be special and stay with me for the rest of my life.

"But I've doubted myself a couple of times before I actually got here and I wasn't sure if I should come [or] if it was the right move and if I'd wasted this whole last year by not playing a lot of tennis and being professional.

"I feel like my biggest concern is, [that] I did start playing well a few months back and I'm starting to get back into it and I need a lot more time, so I need to be competing and playing and in what I do best.

"And that's why I've decided to leave so, I just want to thank everyone for supporting me [over] the last few days, talking to me yesterday about it and giving your thoughts as well."

Peter Rowsthorn said to the camera, that the whole situation was "not good for him 'cause he's generally giving the finger to everything.

"Even if it doesn't work out for him in this environment, he's giving it the finger."


Fiona O'Laughlin then said that she thought "it would have been much smarter for Bernard to stay and do another trial, and do it successfully, to maybe avoid being accused of being a flake."

And Jackie, with tears in her eyes, told the camera that she thinks "he puts a huge amount of pressure on himself and sometimes, I think he's a bit sad and that saddens me."

Some people called Bernard a "quitter boy" but others expressed their concern for his mental health after seeing the discussion he had with Jackie.


Later in the episode, Bernard chatted to Julia Morris and Dr Chris Brown, explaining what troubled him about staying in the jungle.

He addressed the bullies and those who are sending him well wishes by telling viewers that it was his "fault" for ending things this way.

"I know where the public sat and I would like to say, it's my fault."

He explained that he was doubting himself before he arrived on the show and it planted a lot of "negative thoughts" in his head saying he "put pressure on myself."

He continued by saying that he got "more depressed" everyday and that it wasn't the challenges that shook him, it was his depression.

He wanted to enter the jungle to hopefully come out happier than he went in, however, that's just not how it went.

Bernard said that he doesn't "love tennis", but he was disappointed in himself for not training harder over the past 12 months.

"It was my fault and I have to live with it and I have to take it on the chest."


We hope Bernard is happier at home and gets the help he needs.

If you or anyone you know is having negative thoughts, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or go to