Bachie Stars Leah And Elora Are Keeping The Simone Drama Going On Instagram

What is going on!?

Bachie Stars Leah And Elora Are Keeping The Simone Drama Going On Instagram

The drama on Bachelor In Paradise is heating up this week thanks to former friends Elora and Simone fighting over Apollo.



It was revealed on Sunday night's episode that Elora and Simone had previously had issues when they were both interested in Courtney, who appeared on Georgia Love's season. Yes, all drama must involve other former Bachie stars.



Now Leah has spoken out on Instagram in a heartfelt post about life in paradise, and how she's happy the show allowing the audience to see a different portrayal of some of the participants. Leah and Simone were shown as enemies on their season of The Bachelor, while Simone and Elora were portrayed as best friends. Leah earned the "villain" tag that season thanks to some of her comments.








She wrote, "Reflecting by the pool on the bachelor and thinking how great it is that everyone’s getting to see a lot more of people’s true colours in paradise and now maybe people will understand why their were sides of people I clashed with on the bachelor and just how easy it is to only show one side of a person on television and that determines them either a GOOD or a BAD person in the public eye 💁🏼‍♀️ newsflash just like real life your villains aren’t necessarily villains and your previously perceived nice girls aren’t always nice."

Elora seemed to think that Leah was taking her side in the Apollo drama, and wrote her own passionate comment about Simone's behaviour on Bachelor In Paradise.

"I remember in bach when some of you tried to show her true colours. I was only friends with her because I defended her. I owe you an apology. I guess I had to be fooled to learn. Now my statement is in no way ok, but I lost my cool. Until then I had kept our history to ourself, until the boys had my back and told me what was happening. I stand strong knowing that my heart is pure. And hoping that most of you saw this. It’s funny what we put ourselves through, and how much of a life lesson it turns out to be," she wrote in a comment on Leah's post. 







Well Leah wasn't happy with that, replying that it was a "shame" that Elora had decided to make the post so personal.

"This post is about showing different sides to EVERYONE, yourself included, myself included and even Osher is shown to be wittier and more lighthearted than viewers know him.
I 100% agree it is all one big lesson. But I think it is a shame you’ve taken a post that was designed to educate and get a discussion about portrayals and the power of tv and made it personal, using it to railroad Simone in yet again a he said/she said way to sway public opinion. Like the rest of us have had to do at times, I suggest you own your words and actions as they are yours and hope people understand yes that is a side to you but it is not all of you," Leah wrote in response.







Looks like we're in for a dramatic episode tonight!


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