Bachelor Matty J Has Accused Leah Of Lying To The Media

"She’s telling fibs!"

Bachelor Matty J Has Accused Leah Of Lying To The Media Network Ten

After Matty asked Leah to leave the Bachelor mansion last week, the 24-year-old told media outlets that he was indeed aware of her employment history… now Matty is saying that ain’t the truth. 

Matty gave Leah the boot after he discovered she was at the centre of all the drama in the house. He also wasn’t impressed to find he was the last to know she used to be a topless waitress. 

Speaking to Hit 105’s Stav, Abby & Matt with Osher the morning after the episode aired, Leah claimed Matty knew about her past, made her feel “degraded” and was “a great actor.” 

Now, the Bachelor himself has told the radio hosts that is all BS. 

“Correct me if this is wrong, she said that she told you the first night she went into the house of her occupation?” Abby asked. 

“Oh she’s telling fibs!” he fired back. 

“She told me that she was an architecture student. She might have said that she was a party planner, but didn’t go into detail. To me it didn’t make any difference really, the main issue was the fact that with all the drama in the house, it was always Leah who was the instigator of that.”

Either way, it looks like things weren’t meant to be between these two. 

Leah is now finishing off her Bachelor of Architectural Design degree and is rumoured to be dating former Bachelorette contestant David Witko