'Bachelor In Paradise' Confirms Another New Cast Member In Tara's Featurette

She likes him too!

'Bachelor In Paradise' Confirms Another New Cast Member In Tara's Featurette Channel Ten

Just when you thought the Bachelor In Paradise cast couldn't get any bigger, they pop this gold nugget of excitement on us in a featurette about Australia's favourite girl!

Tara Pavlovic is an icon, everyone can agree on that.

She's funny, cute, smart and so damn relatable... she needs to be on our TV screens every minute of every day!

Bachelor In Paradise has been releasing short clips about some of their most exciting cast members and their experiences on the show.

Now, after we've seen features for both Laurina and Jarrod, it's Tara's time to shine.

Image: Channel Ten

Tara's clip was uploaded to the Bachelor In Paradise Facebook page last night and shows her telling Osher that she's "single and ready to mingle"!

We see her sitting in a room with Sam Cochrane, the voiceover artist from Sophie Monk's Bachelorette season, before she spies someone else walking into the room.

She likes him too because she tells the camera that, "of course, someone so attractive comes in and I'm just like, 'uggh'."

Then, we see that the mystery man could be one of three guys, Davey Lloyd, Michael Turnbull or.... Jake Ellis!

Yep, Jake is now confirmed as a cast member on Bachelor In Paradise!

How many more cast members are the producers waiting on introducing?!

There have already been rumours circulating that Davey and Tara are an item, after she posted a photo of them together on instagram saying that they were "special friends", so could he be the attractive guy she's talking about?!


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