Ashley's Sister Reveals Truth About Troy In Savage Instagram Post!

Ashley wanted love!

Ashley's Sister Reveals Truth About Troy In Savage Instagram Post! @troydelmege Instagram

Even though Married At First Sight wasn't on last night, the drama, as always, has flooded our newsfeeds anyway.

Dean has been attacked after accusing Ryan of lying about letting Davina flirt with another groom and he also said this is the first time he's ever cheated on anyone (didn't he say that it wasn't cheating a few days ago?), now, Ashley's sister has a few harsh words for her TV husband, Troy!

Apparently, Ashley has been receiving some harsh comments online about confronting Troy at the dinner party and so her sister, Summer, decided to step in telling the haters that her sister had every right to be angry.

According to her, Troy didn't even apply to be on the show!

She posted a savage post on Instagram, accusing Troy of only being on the show to kickstart his TV career and said that all Ashley wanted was to find love.




"It breaks my heart to see you get upset over strangers opinions on the internet who know nothing about you. 

"Ashley is the funniest, most positive, harmless person you will ever meet.

"She never has a bad word to say about anyone and will make you laugh within 2 minutes of meeting her.

"You applied to go on a show and meet the man of your dreams, little did you know you got matched with someone who didn’t even apply (when over 7000 did) and every time you actually wanted to have a genuine conversation that wasn’t for the camera you got a cold shoulder. 

"You were tested every step of the way and deliberately were pushed beyond anyone’s breaking point and you handled yourself with class and dignity.

"As much as Troy is a goofball he is also does a fantastic job playing up for the cameras who is currently doing an excellent job in carving his path for a future in TV. 

"I’m sorry you got dragged along for the ride and I’m sorry Australia is believing his feelings for you are genuine when the only genuine thing about the show is you rolling your eyes to his antics because only you are aware at how fake he is. 

"Ashley I love you and I know you will one day find the love you so deserve.... I will defend you fearlessly and I am so glad I saw through this bulls**t from the moment I laid eyes on him."

Ever since they were married, Ashley has had a hard time connecting with Troy and things seemed to have come to their inevitable conclusion earlier this week when she caught him talking about their sex life to the camera, something she had hoped would remain private.

The incident led Ashley to disappear mid-way through the groom's home stays and return only hours before the dinner party was due to start.


She told Troy when she returned that she wanting to try and make things work and her TV husband agreed, saying that they shouldn't mention their "separation" at the party.

But at the party, Troy was making their week sound like a dream, when it really wasn't and Ashley simply had to step in to tell him to tone it down a notch.

We'll probably hear Troy's reply to the message on The Today Show at some point since he's on there so often...



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