Ashley & Justin Are Apparently Dating Now Because The MAFS Drama Isn't Over Yet

Here we go again...

Ashley & Justin Are Apparently Dating Now Because The MAFS Drama Isn't Over Yet Channel Nine

Married At First Sight may be over, but that doesn't mean that there still isn't a scandal or two that will inevitably emerge online...

The latest bit of MAFS goss hit the interwebs this morning, suggesting that Ashley is now dating Justin, after finding out that their respective spouses on the show had shacked up together.

At the boys' night, Justin said that he considered Carly to be like "a little sister" to him and many MAFS fans assumed that this was the moment when Troy started wondering if she would be a better fit for him.

Especially since Justin also said that Carly would prefer a guy like Troy over him.

Last night, the boys' night footage was shown and Ashley found out that Justin said that he was more attracted to women like her and to be honest, we weren't so shocked when we saw a little lightbulb go off in her head as she watched it.


A MAFS fan later spotted Ashley and Justin having dinner in Sydney and snapped it on their Instagram Stories, saying that "the real view is watching Ashley and Justin from MAFS on an awkward AF date...".

Image: Instagram 

Now, OK! magazine has reported that on Friday, Justin picked Ashely up from Sydney Airport, took her to dinner at the Park Hyatt, and then took her back to his home in Rose bay where she stayed over.

Now, this could be nothing, but it wouldn't be too surprising if these two decided to give a relationship a go, they have been through the same things after all!

With all these relationship swaps going on, we wouldn't be surprised if we heard that Ryan and Alycia were dating, to be honest...


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