Apparently MAFS' Michelle Is In Love!

But it's not with Jono...

Apparently MAFS' Michelle Is In Love!

Image: @mishmarsh Instagram

Everyone was very excited to hear that Michelle had found a new man after Married At First Sight.

After leaving poor Jesse, the Perth-native revealed that she was seeing ex-MAFS groom Jono Pitman after meeting at a reunion dinner.


The couple had been spotted on double date with Sharon and Nick, but now, apparently, that's all ended.

New Idea has reported that Michelle is no longer with Jono and has found another man.


She's now apparently "in love" with a man named Adam, as they have been spotted getting close by MAFS fans.

Michelle hasn't confirmed the news just yet, so she could still be with Jono.

She's recently posted photos on Instagram of her hanging out with Jesse though, so at least we know that there's definitely no bad blood between the TV couple.


Has Michelle found love?

We'll just have to wait and see...