Apollo Says He's Ready To Propose So Is He The One Popping The Question In Fiji?

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Apollo Says He's Ready To Propose So Is He The One Popping The Question In Fiji? Network Ten

Before Bachelor In Paradise kicked off, we, the viewers, were promised a dramatic proposal at the end of the series.

Now, we've been watching the show for a few weeks and there has been only one couple that seems to be super loved up now that Nina, Eden, Luke and Lisa have all crumbled.

And that's Sam and Tara.

They've been loved up for the past week and in an interview with OK! Magazine, Tara has said that she's starting to fall in love with Sam!

"I'm so happy at the moment. I'm just really enjoying getting to know Sam and I really like him.

"I quite possibly am falling."


So Sam is a clear contender for the proposal, right?

Well, Apollo may not have joined the cast in Fiji yet, but he also spoke with OK! this morning and told them that he's definitely ready to propose!

"Well, it's one of those things, isn't it? You can't deny it if you're feeling something. I guess when you know, you know.

"If you spend enough time with someone – and I mean you do get 24 hours a day to spend with someone in Paradise – and you feel that spark... In the outside world, if you had two two-hour dates a week over 10 weeks, that's equal to just one day in Paradise, so it can happen.

"So, I would be prepared to propose!"

We all know that the girls are going to be falling over themselves when Apollo walks into Paradise, but if he's willing to propose now, does that mean he's found someone on the show?

Apollo described the kind of girl he's looking for to help us narrow down the options for him:

"I wanted someone who could have a laugh, someone with a fun larrikin personality, someone who was active and adventurous and also could be spontaneous.

"I'm the type that might just wake up one day and say, 'Ok, let's go down to Byron.' I've also always liked a child-like nature where someone can just appreciate the small things. I also want someone that has a big heart for other people, who cares for other people and their feelings."

Who does that sound like to you guys?

Leah? Megan? Elora

Or will Apollo be the man that gets between Tara and Sam?

We discuss this PLUS what the editing doesn't show on Bachelor In Paradise! Tune into Ep 4 of Game On Moles...