Apollo Confirms What Happened Between Him And Simone

"We gave it a go"

Apollo Confirms What Happened Between Him And Simone Network Ten

Last night on Bachelor In Paradise, Apollo and Simone had a serious chat after the rose ceremony and decided to leave Paradise in the dead of night and not let anyone know.

In the morning, the other cast members woke up to find out that they'd left and hoped that everything worked out for them but unfortunately, that wasn't the case.

This morning, Apollo told the Hit network's Stav, Abby & Matt that he and Simone tried to make it work on the outside, but it just wasn't meant to be.

"Look unfortunately, it didn’t work out for us… we gave it a go.”

So, now that he's single, would he consider being The Bachelor?

Well, he's got other things to take care of first, but he wouldn't be opposed to it!

"Look, for the moment it's just back to family, career, music and magic. I was away for basically a year last year, I've got to look after my rabbits!

"So, maybe..."

Now that Apollo is single... LINE UP LADIES!

Apollo Confirms That He & Simone Are No Longer Together

This show is a bit of a mess isn't it?! We try to make sense of it on this week's Game On Moles podcast!