Anthony Mundine Didn't Quit 'I'm A Celebrity' Because Of Danny Green

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Anthony Mundine Didn't Quit 'I'm A Celebrity' Because Of Danny Green Channel Ten

This morning, news broke that champion boxer Anthony Mundine had quit I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!.

This is the second time an athlete has walked out on the fourth season of the show after Bernard Tomic left after only being in the jungle for three days.

Rumours have been swirling about why Anthony decided to leave with many people saying that a fight with Danny Green was the cause, but sorry Australia, that's not the case.

At the beginning of the episode, Anthony opened up to Kerry about how much he was missing his kids and that they have a "connection" that he cannot explain.

He told her that he had been struggling with being away from them for so long and Kerry warned him that if he did choose to leave the show, Australia would call him "a quitter".


Soon afterwards, Anthony and Danny entered 'The Viper Room' to complete their challenge.

Both boxers kept quite calm and the snakes seemed to just mind their own businesses, not really paying too much attention to the two big men among them.


Anthony prayed to keep calm and he seemed pretty cool when a big python slid onto his face until an even bigger python entered the room and whacked him in the face.

After a while, the boys pulled through and came out without being bitten at all and revealed that their "rivalry" got them through the challenge. 

But then, out of nowhere, Anthony told Kerry and Tiffany that he's "going to tap out today".


So, Anthony left the show because he missed his family too much, saying that he just simply couldn't take being away from them anymore.

Eventually, he picked up his belongings and said, "I'm the man, get me out of here!"


As with Bernard's departure, Australia has taken to social media calling the boxer "weak" for not staying in the jungle.

Anthony now leaves another empty spot in the jungle so we'll no doubt be getting another intruder soon... that is, if there's one available!