'American Horror Story' Fans Want To Know Who This Mystery Cast Member Is

Who could it be?

'American Horror Story' Fans Want To Know Who This Mystery Cast Member Is FX

Last month, the creator of Amercian Horror Story, Ryan Murphy, announced that the next season of the spine-chilling show will be a crossover of the first and third seasons.

When AHS first premiered, it told the story of a family who lived in a Murder House that was haunted by previous occupants and well... a bunch of other creepy things.


The third season decided to go into a more chic area, focusing on a coven of fashion-forward witches.


Both seasons were great in their own way and what everyone is excited to find out, is if any of the original cast members from those particular seasons will be reprising theirs roles.

Emma Roberts has already confirmed that she will be returning to AHS as her sassy witch character, Madison Montgomery, in an Instagram video:


And Billy Eichner, who was introduced to the AHS world in the Cult season, confirmed on Instagram a few days ago that not only would he be returning to the franchise, but Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Billie Lourd and Cheyenne Jackson would be returning as well!

He also revealed that Joan Collins, Leslie Grossman and Adina Porter would be joining the cast... and so would "a secret friend".


Obviously, this photo has got AHS fans scrambling to figure out who the "secret friend" could be, so here are our theories:

Jessica Lange


Even though her character died in Coven, her character in Murder House is still around... could the actress return for another season?

Frances Conroy


Sorry, but she yelled "Balenciaga" when she was burnt at the stake, if Myrtle Snow doesn't somehow return, we will riot!

Angela Bassett


Marie Leavau is the baddest witch in town... sorry, Madison.

Someone Completely New

Cher, Michelle Pfeiffer and Angelica Houston have all been rumoured to appear in AHS over the years, with Ryan Murphy rumoured to be interested in all three actresses. 

Our vote is for Angelica because she is a true queen.


Who do you think the mystery cast member is?

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