After A Week Of Boring Weddings, S&^% Hit The Fan On 'MAFS'

It's about time!

After A Week Of Boring Weddings, S&^% Hit The Fan On 'MAFS' Channel Nine

After a week over some very civil weddings and honeymoons, Married At First Sight has FINALLY delivered on the drama we all know and love!

Tonight was the very first cocktail party of MAFS' new season and yep, a lot of s*&^ went down.

So, before we went to the cocktail party, we recapped the honeymoons and while some were going well, others were disastrous.

A few marriages just weren't doing that well (cough, Troy, cough) and once we got to the party, it became even more clear that a lot of the couples may not last the distance. 

Even before the cocktail party started Davina and Ryan were arguing about something the model said when they arrived back home after their honeymoon.

Ryan was worried that she said that she wanted to shop for another husband and even though she denied it, they still argued until the tradie walked out, frustrated that his new wife was willing to ditch him so early on.

Although they had just exploded at each other, they both decided to go to the cocktail party and try to make their marriage work, telling the camera that it's healthy to have fights...

Fights about cheating, though?!


Then... it was cocktail party time!

Everyone arrived happy to meet the other couples and Davina dove right into meeting every man that walked into the room.

Even John Aitken said that she was looking "flirty"!.

Davina got to know the girls a bit more and told them that they had slept together and when you see one of the experts cringing at a bride's actions and saying it's "inappropriate", something's wrong.


Then Dean arrived and Davina straight up said: "he's a babe".

After a while, she decided that she was going to give her marriage another shot and hugged Ryan at the table while everyone else continued their conversations.


Then, she started asking Dean some very... interesting questions like, "do you work out?" with some very suggestive expressions.

The experts can see she's flirting with Dean, we can see she's flirting with Dean, HELL, even Dean can see she's flirting!

Then he flirts back!

And it escalates from there until Davina admitted, "I have a little crush on Dean".

Ryan was uncomfortable, but did she care?!

Now, this could all just be a matter of cheeky editing and we could be wrong about what's going on, but it sure looks like Davina is done with her marriage...

Troy also started flirting with another bride, but we all know how that one ends now don't we?!

Image: New Idea / Facebook

Now, back to Davina, she went over to visit John and his wife and started bad-mouthing Ryan behind his back!

John wasn't impressed and everyone was just feeling awful for Ryan.

It's like Cheryl and Jonesy all over again and Davina is Jonesy in this situation.


She then started telling Carly about how attractive she thinks Dean is and luckily, Carls simply told her to "not say s$#% like that" and told the camera that Davina's behaviour was "just not okay".

Then, Dean said he was "definitely attracted to her" too and well, this ain't gonna end well for Ryan and Tracey, the poor souls...

Now, see you back here on Sunday!