A 'Mighty Ducks' TV Series Is In The Works

Ducks fly together!

A 'Mighty Ducks' TV Series Is In The Works Disney

One of the most well-known Disney movies of all time is being turned into a TV show so that a new generation can learn to love the characters, just as much as we did.

The Hollywood Reporter has reported a Mighty Ducks TV series is being worked on by ABC Signature Studios after being approached by original members of the film's production team.


Studio head Tracy Underwood was reportedly approached by original trilogy screenwriter Steven Brill and original producer Jordan Kerner about bringing it back, which was ticked off.

It's not linked to a network just yet but that will be discussed after Steven writes a script and they've discussed a possible cast.

We don't know if the series will be presented as a reboot, or perhaps a sequel to the original movie, but we're fairly certain that not ALL of the Ducks will be returning as most them haven't continued acting!

We could be wrong, though, so watch this space!