A Major Error Aired During The MasterChef Finale Last Night

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A Major Error Aired During The MasterChef Finale Last Night

Image: Network Ten

Last night's MasterChef finale pushed the last two contestants to their limit.

After an extremely complex 6 hour challenge, Diana Chan became the winner of MasterChef 2017, beating Ben Ungermann by only ONE POINT!


This morning, we've found out that a lot of viewers thought that the contest was "rigged", but there was a also a MAJOR error that aired during the finale last night that some of you may have missed.

The MasterChef finale was split into three separate challenges, with the last one taking a total of 6 hours to complete.


The premise was pretty simple, the contestant with the most points out of 100 after the judges tasted their dishes, won the competition, but the final score wasn't shown like it was supposed to.

In the end, Diana earned 90 points whilst Ben earned only 89 points, but on the final scoreboard, it read that Ben had actually received 90 points which was... awkward.

Many viewers did notice the mistake and took to Facebook to just let Network Ten know that they'd made a pretty big mistake.


The network released a statement earlier today explaining the whole thing because it was confusing AF.

Turns out that was an extra ending that was filmed to protect the final result!

"To protect the winner and the highly anticipated result, two endings of MasterChef Australia are filmed by our production partner.

"An editing error during production meant two versions of the final score went to air last night.

"The episode is being amended and the correct version will appear on Tenplay and in future on-air broadcasts."

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