A Former 'Bachelor' Contestant Has Revealed What It's Really Like To Be On The Show

Thing aren't what they seem...

A Former 'Bachelor' Contestant Has Revealed What It's Really Like To Be On The Show

Image: Network Ten

Have you ever wondered what ACTUALLY goes on when they're filming The Bachelor?

Are those catfights real?


Those rose ceremonies have to be more awkward than what we're seeing on TV, right?

Well, one of the bachelorettes who competed for the heart of Tim Robards way back in 2013 has spilt the beans.

Ali Oetjen has revealed exactly what goes on in the Bachelor household and news.com.au have pushed it out into the world wide web.

There's a lot of information to take in here so we suggest making yourself a nice cup of coffee and get comfortable.


Firstly, the rose ceremonies ARE more awkward than we thought, in fact, the very first one is filmed over two nights instead of one!

Ali said that to film the second half of the ceremony, the girls had to wear the same dress and have their hair and makeup done in the exact same way!

Now, the Bachelor house may seem big, but Ali explained that the bachelorettes actually all share bunk beds whilst filming the show.

"Everyone had bunk beds.

"There were about six huge bedrooms and each had our own bathrooms and each had our own dressing rooms."


And yep, being on The Bachelor can be very mentally challenging for the girls too.

Ali said that being in a house full of girls who are all focusing on the same guy and nothing else, can be quite daunting.

But if you're thinking of applying to be on The Bachelor one day, Ali has some great advice for you as well.

“My advice would be to someone considering going on The Bachelor, make sure you’re in for a mental rollercoaster ... it’s not all fun and games.”

She also says that she still doesn't regret her experience and that she really learnt more about herself whilst being on the show.

The Bachelor airs Wednesdays and Thursdays on Network Ten.