9 Things You NEVER Noticed In 'The Handmaids Tale’

Season One DVD available TOMORROW!

9 Things You NEVER Noticed In 'The Handmaids Tale’ Supplied / Fox Entertainment Group

Every once in a while, a show comes along that completely blows our socks off and leaves us staring at the screen with our jaw hitting the floor. 

In 2017, The Handmaids Tale (based on Margaret Atwood’s 1985 novel) did exactly that. 

Now that 2018 has reared its yet-to-be-decided-if-it’s-ugly head, everyone is getting excited for the second season of the hit show, which will premiere on SBS on April 26!

We’re still a month or so away, but the first season is released on DVD TOMORROW, March 14, so we thought we’d look at all the moments we missed and watch it all over again!

What You Missed!

We’re Not Supposed To Find Out Offred’s Name

As you might remember, at the end of the pilot ep, Offred tells us her real name in a voice over.

“My name is June.”

As far as book to TV differences go, this is a big one, because Offred’s real name is only ever suggested and never directly stated. 

The No-Writing Rule

In the show’s reality, Gilead doesn’t allow women to write or read, which made things extra tricky when it came to set design. 

Any food items with labels had to be replaced with pictures instead, with hundreds being created for items by the series’ graphics team!


Something Does NOT Belong In Offred’s Room

You might have noticed that there’s a desk in Offred’s room, and also remembered that women can’t write!

The series’ production designer Julie Berghoff has explained they put it there deliberately, to emphasise the power struggle and change of times as Offred used to be an editor, but is now no longer allowed to write. 


Serena Joy’s Art Is Actually STOLEN

The Commander’s wife has an amazing array of artwork filling her home, which is rare in this society due to how undervalued art is. 

Berghoff recently explained that it was the intentional, to make it seem like Serena and the Commander has literally stolen these pieces from the Museum - and there’s even paintings which are supposed to be Monet's!

GPS Trackers Are Attached To Their Bodies… EEK!

All of the Handmaids in the show have little red GPS trackers attached to their ears so the government can watch their every move…

Creepy? You betcha!


Colours Signify A LOT

The Handmaids wear red cloaks, which symbolise Mary Magdalene and the blood from childbirth. 

The blue that the wives wear, however, represents purity.

In the show, men wear black to represent power. 

There’s not much you see that doesn’t mean something!

Margaret Atwood’s IN The Show

Margaret, as we’ve already explained, is the author of the novel, and she made a sneaky cameo in the first episode of season one as an Aunt who slaps Offred, after Offred refused to shame another woman for being sexually assaulted. 

Serena Joy Isn’t Supposed To Be So Young

Fans of the book will know that a major change was made to the character of Serena Joy, The Commander’s wife, in the show. 

In the book, she has arthritis and uses a cane, but Bruce Miller, the series' showrunner, decided to make her the same age as Offred in the series so she would they would be in direct competition.

Who’s Actually Responsible For Gilead…?

We still have mixed opinions on who is actually responsible for coming up with Gilead, but flashbacks throughout the season pointed more fingers at Serena… because we’re told that Serena had to give credit to the Commander for it. 


The Handmaid’s Tale Season 1 DVD comes out TOMORROW, March 14!

Get ready to rush to grab your copy, so you can binge-watch it all before season 2 begins on SBS on April 26!


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