15 Thoughts I Had Watching GOT, After Never Having Watched It Before

People Keep Talking About Winter Coming?

15 Thoughts I Had Watching GOT, After Never Having Watched It Before

Image Credit: HBO/Game Of Thrones

Tonight I went to a Games of Thrones party – what is this you may ask? Well it’s a group of people who get together to celebrate the much anticipated premiere of a new season of Game of Thrones, affectionately referred to as GOT.

The only reason I went along, is to socialise with this group of people who I genuinely adore – but from 8.30pm, they’d all be all watching GOT, which I was happy to sit along and watch with them. It’s just a TV show, right?


I’ve never watched Game of Thrones. Actually, I watched one episode, once, I think it was called the Red Wedding and everyone died. Like everyone. I was horrified. I decided then and there, that this TV show wasn’t for me, so I simply didn’t watch another episode.

And yet, tonight I sat and diligently watched the first episode of Season 7 and the below is a summary of my thought process.

1. The first scene, they’re all drinking the wine. It’s clearly poisoned. STOP DRINKING IT. OMG. HE’S KILLED THEM ALL. Well that escalated quickly.

2. It was a WOMAN. Her name is Arya. OMG. GET IN FORMATION LADIES. She’s awesome. I don’t know what her deal is, but she looks like she’s 12 – is she 12? It’s so not ideal if she’s suffered heaps, and she’s only 12. REGARDLESS, she's a boss lady, she just killed an entire family.


3. She says ‘The North Remembers’? What does the North remember? That doesn’t even make sense. What is the North? Is it where those white snow people live? I’ve seen commercials.

4. Dragonglass. Have established this is a weapon. It kills white walkers. Ahhhh the snow people are called white walkers. In other news, Hello Jon Snow.

5. Cersei. Not keen on her haircut. She has a weird relationship with her brother. That’s all I can tell.


6. WAIT they had a SON together??? Ok I think I’m done now.

7. There are so many plot lines. So many families. Too many surnames. I can’t get over this Cersei chick’s haircut.

8. Poor bloke called Sam and the montage of him cleaning up people’s business, like WHAT IS THIS. They turn it into like a mini music video. We need justice for Sam.


9. Sam wants access to the restricted section in the library. Pretty sure that’s exactly what Harry Potter wanted in the Philosopher’s Stone, just saying.

10. AND THAT ACTOR removing the guy’s intestines in the same scene as Sam was Professor Slughorn in Harry Potter! How convenient. 


11. Who is The Hound? Is that a person?

12. What and where is this wall people keep talking about? Is it a real place? Or is it a metaphor?

13. WTF is Ed Sheeran doing on this show??? Is this a thing? Is Coldplay going to be the next episode? When’s Beyonce coming?


14. Ok the Dragon Queen. Daenerys. Why is she called the Queen of Drag- ohhh i see the dragons. I like her for some reason. I think I want her to win the Game of Thrones. 


15. Cause it's a game right? 

Can't wait until next week!