When Aussies Should Book Flights To Bag The Best Deals!

Save those dollar-dollar bills

When Aussies Should Book Flights To Bag The Best Deals!

Image: Qantas Instagram

The annual Cheapflights Compass report is in and this year we’ve been given the best tips to follow in order to minimise the cost of our well-deserved getaways.

The legends over at Cheapflights.com.au have notified us Aussies of the best days, months, and booking times to book a flight domestically, in nearby regions, and for long-haul travels.

“Our team analysed the results of 13.5 million flight searches over one year on Cheapflights.com.au. We dissected the destinations, poured over the airfares, determined desirable days to book, tackled top timeframes and worked out the window when Australians could score the most affordable flights.”

What Day to Fly?

Because we all want to add a cheeky weekend to our time off, Friday is the most popular day to travel, but also the most expensive.

Save money by travelling on a Tuesday!

What Month To Fly?

December is by far the most popular month to travel, with everyone seeking a Christmas getaway. Unsurprisingly, there is also a peak in travel during June/July when Aussies escape winter to warmer countries or go to New Zealand for a bit of a ski.

To save dollars, travel during February; the cheapest month!

When Should I Book?

We hear so many different rules as to when to book, but according to the report, it different on where you’re going! Take a look -

Domestic and Trans-Tasman: 1 to 3 months

Asia Pacific: 1 to 3 months

Long Haul: 3 to 6 months


Read the full report here

Happy travels, everyone!