The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Hotel Is A Lot Cheaper Than We Thought!

Brb, flying to Fiji!

The 'Bachelor In Paradise' Hotel Is A Lot Cheaper Than We Thought! @bachelorinparadiseau Instagram / Tripadvisor

You may have heard that the six confirmed contestants for Bachelor In Paradise Australia have jetted off to Fiji to start filming the debut season.

This morning, New Idea reported that the contestants (including a few extras) are staying at the Mango Bay Resort whilst filming the show and it looks absolutely stunning!

When you're watching the final episodes of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, you probably get a bit jealous of their island getaway, assuming that the accommodation in the location probably costs an arm and a leg.

Luckily, if you fall in love with Fiji whilst watching Bachelor In Paradise when it finally hits our TV screens, you'll be able to actually book a trip to the exact filming location for a very reasonable price!

Images: Tripadvisor

The Mango Bay Resort has rooms going for $220 a night which includes free wifi and breakfast every morning.

Plus, you'll be staying in one of the most beautiful locations right by the beach!

You won't be able to book a room at Mango Bay Resort until after December 10 because the whole place has obviously been booked out for Bachelor In Paradise, but if you're looking for a summer getaway, why not head over to Fiji and live it up like your girl Tara?!

You can check out more information here.