Jetstar Will Now Be Serving Vegan-Friendly Meals On International Flights!


Jetstar Will Now Be Serving Vegan-Friendly Meals On International Flights! NBC

From today, Jetstar will be serving vegan-friendly meals throughout their international network because of the amount of requests their flight attendants receive on a daily basis.

The announcement was made earlier this morning with the airline explaining that the new meals will accommodate gluten-intolerant customers.



Jetstar worked alongside People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Group (PETA) to create the new menu and will be available for customers on long-haul international flights departing Australia from today.

The new menu includes: a SumoSalad Falafel, Lentil & Quinoa salad, Mr Lee's Garden Noodles, Munch Cashew Sesame Pouch, 'Morish' Nuts & Knots and an Olive Pouch marinated in herbs.


Catriona Larritt, Chief Commercial Officer at Jetstar Airways released a statement saying that the new menu is a wonderful addition to the airlines menu.

“The feedback we were getting is that it can sometimes be hard to find vegan friendly options while travelling.

"Research has demonstrated that ‘vegan’ was googled more in Australia and New Zealand than anywhere else around the world.  It’s obviously of growing interest to our local customer base and we wanted to respond to these insights.

"Jetstar is happy to be able to offer a wide array of vegan friendly snack options to our customers when they travel with us."

Emily Rice, PETA’s Corporate Liaison also said that she's excited to see how customers react to the new options.

"The demand for cruelty-free fare is higher than ever, and forward-thinking businesses like Jetstar, who are listening to their customers and offering delicious, buy-on-board vegan options, will be flying high for years to come."

The new menu will be rolled out on domestic and trans-Atlantic flights from February 1, 2018.