Jetstar Has Launched A Massive 'Beach Sale' With Flights From Only $45!


Jetstar Has Launched A Massive 'Beach Sale' With Flights From Only $45! Paramount Pictures

Spring is here and as the weather starts to heat up, if you don't mind getting a bit of sand in your pants, you'll no doubt be starting to head down to the beach a lot more often!

Now, if you're unlucky enough to not live by a beach, or you want to possibly explore some new beaches around this beautiful country of ours, then we have some good news for you!

Jetstar has just launched their 'Beach Sale' which allows you to fly to some of the most picturesque seaside locations around the country for as little as $45!


If you're currently residing down in Launceston, you can fly up to Sydney and chill out at Bondi Beach, Bronte Beach or Manly Beach for only $45!

Folks living in Byron Bay will also be able to fly to Sydney for $45 and Gold Coast dwellers can nab a $45 ticket to Sydney as well!

If you'd like to travel further north, like to Airlie Beach, for example, tickets from Brisbane to Mackay are currently going for $49 and Melbournites can travel to the Gold Coast for as little as $65 because let's be real guys, Melbourne just doesn't have the humidity for a good beach day like the Goldy does...

You can check out all of the great deals on Jetstar's website and get yourself prepared for a fun summer in the sun!

The sale ends on October 16 to get on this right now!